Borderlinks: An Immigrants' Rights Organization in Downtown Tucson




BorderLinks is a great organization for students interested in immigrant rights, education, or community awareness, but who aren’t necessarily able to travel beyond downtown Tucson for work. Borderlinks take delegations to Arizona-Sonora and Chiapas to see the reality of migrants’ experiences, and offers community-based programming and educational opportunities.  Some of their current educational programs include a political cartoon workshop, a border art workshop, and a legal immigration simulation (click here to see the entire list.)   Borderlinks also partners with many other organizations in Tucson, including transgender migrants’ rights group Mariposas Sin Fronteras. A lot of LAS students have worked there as volunteers, interns, and employees in the past.

Borderlinks delegates visiting the Sonora desert

Borderlinks is flexible with volunteer opportunities, and gives potential volunteers and interns the option to propose an internship or volunteer position that reflects their personal interests and expertise. The “volunteer idea” form, along with a list of current openings,  can be found here. Their office is located at 620 S. 6th Avenue in Tucson. Email inquiries can be sent to Tania Garcia at