8th Annual Tinker Symposium Tues Nov 6th 2012



Keynote Address
“Anthropology and Human Rights: The Politics of Research and Solidarity in Colombia”
Dr. Lesley Gill

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
University of Arizona, Student Union Memorial Center

With a grant from the Tinker Foundation, the University of Arizona funded 16 graduate students from 9 departments across campus to conduct original research in Latin America this past summer. The University and Tucson community are invited to come and listen to students’ research experiences and outcomes on November 6th at the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center.

  • Welcome and Introduction, 9:00AM-9:10AM, Catalina Room
  • Panel 1: Water Policy in Latin America, 9:10AM-10:30AM, Catalina Room
  • Panel 2: Indigenous Languages and Cultures, 10:40AM-12:00PM, Catalina Room
  • Panel 3: Issues of Environment and Sustainability, 1:00PM-2:20PM, Catalina Room
  • Panel 4: Deportations, Displaced Peoples and Race, 2:30PM-3:50PM, Catalina Room
  • Keynote Address: 4:00PM-5:00PM, Catalina Room
  • Reception: 5:00PM-6:00PM, Tucson Room

Dr. Lesley Gill teaches cultural anthropology at Vanderbilt University. She has conducted fieldwork in Bolivia, Colombia, and the United States on political violence, militarization, class formation, the politics of solidarity, and domestic service. Her books include The School of the Americas: Political Violence and Military Training in the Americas (Duke, 2004), Teetering on the Rim: Global Restructuring, Daily Life and the Armed Retreat of the Bolivian State (Columbia, 2000) and Precarious Dependencies: Gender, Class, and Domestic Service in Bolivia (Columbia, 1994). Her talk, entitled “Anthropology and Human Rights: The Politics of Research and Solidarity in Colombia” will begin at 4:00pm in the Catalina Room of the Student Union Memorial Center.  A free reception will follow, to which the public is welcome to attend.


The Tinker Symposium is organized by the UA Center for Latin American Studies. The Tinker Foundation was created in 1959 with the focus on providing funding for research possibilities in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.  To date over 200 University of Arizona graduate students have benefited from Tinker funding.  Additional funding is provided by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Office of Western Hemispheric Programs.

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