Dual M.A. LAS/Journalism

The dual-degree program in Journalism-Latin American Studies is a culmination of a long-standing relationship between the Center for Latin American Studies and the School of Journalism. This program provides students with the intellectual foundation in regional studies, language, and advanced research techniques that will prepare them to conduct academic or journalism fieldwork from Mexico and Latin America to Brazil and the Caribbean.

Course requirements


The minimum number of units required to earn dual master’s degrees in Latin American Studies and Journalism is 51 (21 from LAS, 18 from Journalism, and 15 units that are shared between the two).

Latin American Studies (21 Units)

  • LAS 500-Introduction to Latin American Studies (3 units)

  • LAS (500 level)-Research Seminar with Core Faculty (3 units)

  • Primary area of concentration (Select from LAS primary areas) (12 units)

  Recommended areas include:

  • Regional studies - Central America, Brazil, Mexico, Southern Cone

  • Thematic studies - Borders of the Americas and Immigration, Environment and Development, History and Culture, Gender, Power, and Inequality

  • Disciplinary studies - Anthropology, Geography and Regional Development, History, Latin American Literature (Spanish and Portuguese)

LAS and Journalism Shared Courses (15 units)

  • Research Methods (Select one course from LAS or JOUR 589) (3 units)

  • Latin America news coverage course or Internship with Latin American news medium (Select one course from LAS or JOUR) (3 units)

  • JOUR 509 International and US Media Law (3 units)

  • Thesis (3 units from LAS 910, 3 units from JOUR 910) (6 units)

Journalism (18 units)

  • JOUR 506 Introductory and Advanced Reporting (3 units)

  • JOUR 507 Reporting with Multimedia (3 units)

  • JOUR 508 Journalism Theory and Practice (3 units)

  • JOUR 590C or 590F School Media (3 units)

  • (Select one course from Arizona Cat’s Eye, Arizona-Sonora News)

  • JOUR 596L U.S. Press and Latin America (3 units)

  • Elective (3 units)

Total: 52 Units

For application and administrative questions:

Debbie Cross



Advising questions:

Carol Schwalbe



For more on the Latin American Studies degree:

Colin M. Deeds