To promote its new Brazilian Studies Initiative, CLAS offers many events, lectures, and forums with the aim of engaging its students and the Tucson community with Brazilian culture, politics, and history. To read about upcoming events, please see our events calender. To read about past events and view photos, please scroll down!

Brazilian Black Consciousness Day Celebtration! - 11/20/17

The Center for Latin American Studies celebrated Brazilian Black Consciousness Day on the UA Mall last week, giving the university community a chance to learn about race and anti-racism in Brazil. Our friends over at Studio Axe performed some traditional Afro-Brazilian dances, and gave a free capoiera workshop for whoever wanted to get moving and join in on the fun. Afterwards, Professors Antonio Da Silva, Jennifer Roth-Gordon, and Cheryl Bakari led an insightful panel discussion on race and anti-racism. LAS's own Professor Da Silva regularly offers courses on the subject of race in Brazil - if these themes interest you, be sure to check out our course list at

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Brazilian Independence Day Celebration! - 9/17/17








CLAS helped start out the new fall semester with a bang by celebrating Brazil's independence day with the UA community.

Treats, clothing and jewelry from Brazil were offered for sale, and there were some great performances and demonstrations from Axe Capoeira despite the 104 degree heat. Students got a chance to chat with professors, learn about LAS's Brazil Studies initiative, and learn about our new independent study in capoeira (starting in Spring 2017!)

Special thanks to our wondeful staff for making it happen, including Clea Conlin, Mia Carvalho, Colin Deeds, Julieta Gomez, Juan Zozaya, Diego Aubert-Vasquez, and Dr. Antonio Da Silva. Thanks also to Studio Axe for the great entertainment!


To read the Daily Wildcat's coverage of the event, click here: Brazil studies program promotes a global understanding of culture on campus.

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Carnaval on the Mall! - 2/27/2017

CLAS's first-ever Carnaval on the Mall was a rousing success, with over 150 people in attendance. Participants munched on some tasty Brazilian treats, tried out

Capoiera, and learned about CLAS's new Brazil Studies Initiative. Special thanks to the CLAS staff for making it happen, including Clea Conlin and Mia Carvalho for organizing and Julieta Gomez, Juan Zozaya, Bianca Cortez, Mario Aubert-Vasquez, and Belen Canto for helping out.  Thanks also to Colin Deeds and to Studio Axe, Bardo, and Elizabeth Blin for providing great entertainment (and to Antonio da Silva and Ed Gervasone, who hosted a great barbecue for the staff afterwards)!


To read David Pujol's coverage of the event for the Daily Wildcat, please click here.


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