14th Annual Tinker Symposium

Sabino Room Student Union

Schedule of Events

Welcome and Introduction.....8:30AM
Education & Development Initiatives.....9:00AM
Adapting Neoliberalism...10:40AM
Lunch and Documentary Trailer.....2:00AM
Brazil Studies Internship in Fortaleza.....1:00PM
Reseistance and Rethinking Borders.....2:30PM
Keynote- Dr. Cecilia Rivas.....4:15PM


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Rivas 

In this presentation, Dr. Rivas discusses research in Central America, drawing on recent conversations and scholarship about migration, mobility, identity, and transnationalism. Cultures of migration, media, and flexible labor (such as bilingual call centers) have transformed El Salvador. What can be the effects of inclusion and exclusion from these transformations and global processes? How is El Salvador—and Central America more generally—constituted in media portrayals? To address these questions, Dr. Rivas focuses on media sources, texts, and interviews as she examines how Salvadoran imaginaries are formed and sustained.

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