Charla Con Café: Ana Maria Carvalho


Fri, 04/12/2019 - 13:00
Marshall 212

In border sociolinguistics, we ask: how are borders different from the centers? What role do border configurations and hegemonic ideologies play on the formation of border dialects? In this talk, Dr. Carvalho will approach some of these questions by discussing her research on the Uruguayan-Brazilian border, where one finds a large population of speakers of Uruguayan Portuguese, representing a typical case where the movement of national boundaries produced bilingual linguistic minorities. Dr. Carvalho will share her latest findings about the recent inclusion of standard Brazilian Portuguese in public signage, soundscape, and the classroom in urban border communities in Uruguay, domains where Spanish was the only code conventionally used. She claims that the presence of standard Portuguese in these public spaces creates new borders by excluding Uruguayan Portuguese from said domains. Rooted in a centralization-peripheralization dynamics, this process of rebordering exacerbates existing linguistic inequalities.

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