Charlas con Café (virtual): "Indigenous Voices and U.S. Policy in Central America"

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"Indigenous Voices and U.S. Policy in Central America" with Jacob Omar Jerónimo

Friday, January 28, 1-2, (AZ time)

Join via Zoom:

In Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation to English
The Biden administration proposes a strategy of economic aid and investment to "address the root causes" of Central American migration. How can Indigenous peoples in the region have a greater voice in shaping U.S. policy to ensure their collective rights, especially concerning questions of land, territories, and integral rural development?

Jacob Omar Jerónimo, Ch'orti' Maya, is co-founder of the Central de Organizaciones Indígenas y Campesinas Maya Ch'orti'; the Upejkna’r e Ja’ Institute for Ch’orti’ Maya Science and Technology, and the Ch’orti’ Maya Pluriversity, all located in the Ch’orti’ territory in eastern Guatemala on the border with Honduras. He is an honorary member of the space of the Xinkas, Garífunas and Maya Indigenous authorities and serves as a Council Representative and Latin America and Caribbean Region Steering Committee Member of the International Land Coalition. He works within multiple national and international spaces to influence policies to ensure the collective rights of Indigenous peoples. He has a long experience working with Indigenous movements, peasant organizations, and human rights groups in support of the Right to Food in Guatemala and changes to U.S. policy in the region.


1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 28, 2022

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