Cinema Tucsón: Identifying Features (Sin señas particulares)

Cinema Tucsón at the Fox Tucson Theatre
Programmed by Carlos A. Gutiérrez and Vicky Westover
Presented by Cinema Tropical and the UA Center for Latin American Studies in partnership with the Consulado de México en Tucson

Mexican cinema continues to generate world-wide enthusiasm, and now we will be able to bring even more of it to the Tucson community! Cinema Tucsón will present films through an exciting format – monthly screenings (with some exceptions) throughout the year at the Fox Tucson Theatre, a new dedicated home for Mexican cinema. We will provide a mix of classic films, B movies, and new cinema with exceptional filmmakers from Mexico for dialogue with our audiences. And because there is plenty of seating in the historic Fox Tucson Theatre, you will not have to worry about getting a seat! We look forward to seeing you again.

On Sunday, February 13, Cinema Tucsón will present Fernanda Valadez’s Identifying Features, the most lauded Mexican film of last year, winner of the Gotham Award for Best International Film, the Audience Award and Best Screenplay prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and nine Ariel Awards.

Identifying Features tells the story of middle-aged Magdalena, who has lost contact with her son after he took off with a friend from their town of Guanajuato to cross the border into the U.S., hopeful to find work. Desperate to find out what happened to him—and to know whether he’s even alive—she embarks on an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous journey to discover the truth. At the same time, a young man named Miguel has returned to Mexico after being deported from the U.S., and eventually his path converges with Magdalena’s.


4 p.m. Feb. 13, 2022

Event Contacts

Andrea Bennett Gutierrez