A Gaucho Gathering in Uruguay & Chesapeake Bay: Of Clams and Oysters


Wed, 05/25/2016 - 19:00

More film screenings from the In the Americas series, produced by David Yetman and local filmmaker Dan Duncan at the Loft Cinema: 


A Gaucho Gathering in Uruguay

Each year several thousand gauchos–Uruguayan cowboys–gather in the interior town of Tacuarembó for a festival and parade. We travel to a ranch deep in the interior and follow the gaucho life and their preparations for the parade.

Chesapeake Bay: Of Clams and Oysters

It is the largest bay on the Atlantic coast of the Americas, pivotal in the history of prehistoric, historic, and contemporary United States. Its tributaries drain a gigantic portion of the eastern U.S., including the Potomac River, home to Washington, D.C. Its fisheries have been depleted, its oyster and clam industries much reduced, and rising seas threaten its shores. Still, hardy residents cherish the bay and their efforts are restoring some of its ancient productivity.

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