"The Mexican Constitution: One hundred years on the move" by Jorge Madrazo, Director of UNAM Seattle


Tue, 10/24/2017 - 12:00

We are pleased to invite you to a Brown Bag Lunch & Coffee Lecture, October 24th, 12:00pm at ENR2-Room S225*.

In the framework of UNAM Tucson 2nd Anniversary, Dr. Jorge Madrazo-Cúellar is part of the event "Mexico & The United States: A Shared Past, Present, and Future: A Commemorative Lecture Series for the Centennial of Mexico's Constitution of 1917". Professor Madrazo will present an overview of his paper recently published by  UNAM under the title of "The Mexican Constitution Obey but Do Not Comply", under the perspective of 1917 Constitution evolving. Professor Madrazo will mainly  discuss the issue of the existence of the  Rule of Law in Mexico and the approaches to the problem solution, if any.



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