Faculty Kudos



CLAS is happy to announce that department director Dr. Marcela Vasquez-Leon, along with co-authors Brian J. Burke and Timonthy J. Finan, recently had a book published. Cooperatives, Grassroots Development, and Social Change presents examples from Paraguay, Brazil, and Colombia, explaining what is necessary for smallholder agri-cultural cooperatives to support holisitc community-based development in peasant communitys. Kudos Dr. Vasquez-Leon!






CLAS wishes to congratulate affiliated faculty member Luis Coronado on the presentation of his book, La Almadea Potosina ante la Llegada del Ferrocarril, at the first anniversary commemoration of UNAM at UA. Kudos Dr. Coronado!



The Latin American Studies Department is proud to announce that Dr. Matías Bianchi, a faculty member in LAS and the School for Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona, has been asked by the Secretary General of Uruguay to provide strategic advice to the Organization of American States (OAS).

The newly elected Secretary General, Luis Almagro, the ex-Foreign Affairs Minister of Uruguay, is pursuing major reforms aiming at bringing the OAS closer to the realities, expectations and needs of the hemisphere´s 21st century society. Dr Bianchi will be providing expert advice on how to bring about  this change.  He has been tasked with studying current sociopolitical phenomena that are occurring in Latin America and to propose reforms and initiatives on how can the OAS can take full advantage of is structure and mandate to promote democracy in the hemisphere. Kudos Dr. Bianchi!





Dr. Margaret Wilder, Associate Professor in the Center for Latin American Studies and the School of Geography and Development, recently had an article published in the International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. Co-written with Diana Liverman, Laurel Bellante, and Tracy Osborne,  the article is titled "Southwest Climate Gap: Poverty and Environmental Justice in the US Southwest." It examines how low-income and marginalized communities in Arizona and New Mexico experience climate change. The article can be found online here.  Kudos Dr. Wilder!




The Department for Latin American Studies is very proud to announce that Colin Deeds, Assistant Director for the Department of Latin American studies, was presented with a University Award for Excellence today for his years of great service to LAS. Colin won a $1,000 check, along with a free parking place (for a day) and a reception to be held in his honor on April 26. Department director Marcela Vasquez-Leon had stealthily arranged a last-minute faculty meeting so that LAS professors, students, and staff would all be there to witness Colin's surprise. Kudos Colin!



Dr. Scott Whiteford, a professor at the Center for Latin American studies, recently published an article titled “In Harm’s Way: Family Separation, Immigration Enforcement Programs and Security on the US/Mexico Border,” co-authored with Jeremy Slack of the  University of Texas, El Paso, Daniel E. Martínez of George Washington University , and Emily Peiffer of the University of Arizona. Dr. Whiteford’s article examines  the demographics and family ties of deportees, their experiences with immigration enforcement practices and programs under the CDS, and how these programs have reshaped contemporary migration and deportation along the US-Mexico border. The article covers programs such as criminal prosecutions of illegal entries under Operation Streamline, and the Alien Transfer and Exit Program (ATEP) or lateral repatriation program which returns immigrants to different locations from where they illegally entered. In relationship to these programs, it considers issues of due process and treatment of deportees in US custody. Click on the link to access the article: http://las.arizona.edu/news/las-professor-scott-whiteford-publishes-ford.... Kudos Dr. Whiteford on publishing this important research!



The Department for Latin American Studies is proud to announce that our core faculty member Margaret Wilder, along with Ismael Aguilar-Barajasc , Nicolás Pineda-Pablosd , Robert G. Varadye , Sharon B. Megdalf , Jamie McEvoyg , Robert Meridethe , Adriana A. Zúñiga-Teráne and Christopher A. Scotta, published an article this week in Water International. The article investigates desalination on the US-Mexico border as a means to meet increased demands for dwindling supplies, and covers the various social, economic, and environmental impacts of such planned desalination plants.

Kudos Dr. Wilder on this important publication!