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Introducing Ecuador Booklet

This booklet is a great resource to use when teaching about Ecuador. A map of Ecuador is included, along with background on the history, people, geography, economy and current situation of Ecuador. This booklet focuses on the future of children in Ecuador and how history has shaped how children will grow up in today's Ecuador.

Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity: The Costa Rican Case

This paper examines environmental politics and ideology in the country of Costa Rica. Costa Rica has always been a leader in implementing convention on Biological Diversity. This paper explains how Costa Rica was able to enact a law so thoroughly and why Costa Rica has felt inclined to protect its forests and biological diversity.

History of Tamales

This brief paper gives you information about the history of the tamale and how it grew to be a key part of Latin American culture.

History and Evolution of the Mariachi

This resource gives background on where the word "mariachi" comes from and who the pioneers of the Mariachi music form were. This is a great tool to use when teaching about the Mariachi music form, Mexican culture and the country of Mexico in general.

Historical Timeline of Peru

This timeline is a great resource to have when teaching about the history of Peru or the country of Peru in general.

Booklist of LAS Children and Young Adult Books

A list that consists of 91 Children and Young Adult books that are about Latin America. These are great resources to use in the classroom or to offer students to read for Book Reports or even for leisure reading.

Fusion: Corridos to Nortec

In this lesson, students will be able to identify some aspects of Mexican culture through the evolving genre of the corridos and recognize grammatical forms though an analysis of the lyrics.

Nortec: Fusion of Old Meets New

In this lesson, students will engage in meaningful conversations about their knowledge, experience and opinion of Nortec music. Students will interpret the meaning and history of Nortec music along with their knowledge of border issues. A final product will be created based on the fusion of old and new elements in the borderlands.

Patterns of Conquest: Spanish Rule in the America and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans

This is a teacher resource packet that gives readings and materials to be used when teaching about the relationship between Spanish Rule in Americas and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the full packet.

United States-Ecuadorian Relations: Problems and Promises

This project seek to raise foreign policy questions that engage the student in two perspectives. The reading and activities in these lessons urge the student to view recent and contemporary affairs from both an Ecuadorian and an American (U.S.) point of view. In the process of assessing these differences, students will be exposed to a range of options in policy decision, and valuable background information concerning Ecuador.
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