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Half a Loaf

This lesson will assist students in analyzing some of the consequences that these transnational flows of labor and capital have had for women workers in the Caribbean. Students will describe the interdependence of people and institutions in economic systems evaluate economic action and polices and overall evaluate the role of women in development within the context of Latin America. This lesson is approximately three days/class periods long and includes all necessary materials.

2 Maps of Brazil

The first map compares the size of Brazil to the United States and the second map compares the countries of Europe to the size of Brazil. Useful tool when teaching about Brazil's geography.


In this unit, students will identify choices or alternative actions and their possible consequences in respect to problems of cultural diversity, conflict, cultural change, population and more. Students will discuss major issues facing the contemporary world and hypothesize about possible solutions to these problems. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the unit.

Preparing a Latin American Day

This sheet provides a variety of activity ideas that students can enjoy in a fun day about Latin America. This can be used to finish off a long unit about Latin America.


Today, one of the most alarming examples of the world's environmental crisis is rapidly unfolding in Latin America, which is the destruction of the Amazon tropical rain forest. In this lesson, students participate in a problem solving exercise designed to develop critical thinking and problem solving in order to help solve these global issues. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for access to the document.

Migration Simulation

This simulation game and the discussion it generates will help participants gain some understanding of the factors that lead many to leave their families and homes, making the difficult and risky decision to migrate. The focus is on migration across the U.S. and Mexican border. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the full document .

Corridos Unit

Reading and slides by Dr. Celestino Fernandez who is apart of the Sociology Department here at the University of Arizona. Use reading and slides in information to assist with teaching about corridos. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for access to the reading and slides.

Cueca Solo

This lesson explores a case study of authoritarian government in Chile during the Pinochet government and how the conditions faced by Chilean citizens have to do with human rights violations. Chile is compared to the United States with regards to old acts such as the Sedition Act and the Removal of Cherokee Indians which are examples of human rights violations within the United States.

The Other Americans

In this lesson, students will explore some of the myths and realities that define Latin America. It focuses on the main political, economic and social developments in Latin America since WWII, as well as the diversity found in Latin America despite generalizations about the region.


This lesson illustrates how a lack of cross-cultural understanding might affect a business transaction between an American and a Latin American businessman. It highlights the concept of cross-cultural awareness and why it's important in an era where business translations take place within an intensively competitive global economy.
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