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El Norte

This lesson plan focuses on the immigration from countries in Latin America to "El Norte" which is used to describe the North countries of United States and Canada. The study of why people come to America offers an opportunity to introduce students to harsh realities that push so many in Latin America to leave their homes and make dangerous treks to El Norte.


This lesson illustrates one of the ways in which issues and developments in Latin America influence relations between citizens in the Unites States. This lesson focuses on immigration and compares Latin America with the United States

El Cadejo

In this lesson, students will be able to identify the characteristics that both El Cadejo Blanco and El Cadejo Negro possess. Students will explain how they reflect man’s basic human nature.


In this lesson, students explore the concept of perspective by examining three distinct perspectives on the Columbus Quin-centenary. Students will recognize that a person's experience and world view influence their interpretation of historical events such as Columbus's arrival in the Americas.

The African Heritage of Latin America

This purpose of this lesson plan is to familiarize the student with the rich and varied African cultural heritage of Latin America.

Social Empowerment Through Non-Profit Arts Organization s in Brazil

This unit allows students to explore the different types of organizational structure of non-profit organizations and will discuss the impact on organizational management and effectiveness. Students will study one of five Brazilian non-profits and will prepare presentations. The issues of culture and social empowerment of at risk communities through participation in the arts will be explored within the context of present day Brazil.
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