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Regions of Chile Using the 5 Themes of Geography

In this lesson plan, students will understand the characteristics of the four regions of Chile which include the Big North, Little North, Central and South. Students will learn about how physical features affect people living in an area and how the people of Chile have adapted to life in these regions.

Carnaval Unit

This unit contains multiple lesson plans that include all grade levels regarding different aspects of the popular celebration of Carnaval in Brazil.

Cueca Solo

This lesson explores a case study of authoritarian government in Chile during the Pinochet government and how the conditions faced by Chilean citizens have to do with human rights violations. Chile is compared to the United States with regards to old acts such as the Sedition Act and the Removal of Cherokee Indians which are examples of human rights violations within the United States.

The Other Americans

In this lesson, students will explore some of the myths and realities that define Latin America. It focuses on the main political, economic and social developments in Latin America since WWII, as well as the diversity found in Latin America despite generalizations about the region.


This lesson illustrates how a lack of cross-cultural understanding might affect a business transaction between an American and a Latin American businessman. It highlights the concept of cross-cultural awareness and why it's important in an era where business translations take place within an intensively competitive global economy.

Mental Cartography

This lesson attempts to have students critically compare their "mental" maps of Latin America to some of the geographic realities of the region as a means to initiate thinking and learning about the relative location, size, diversity and importance of Latin America to the United States and the world. A basic knowledge of geography is essential to understanding Latin America and its importance.

El Norte

This lesson plan focuses on the immigration from countries in Latin America to "El Norte" which is used to describe the North countries of United States and Canada. The study of why people come to America offers an opportunity to introduce students to harsh realities that push so many in Latin America to leave their homes and make dangerous treks to El Norte.


This lesson illustrates one of the ways in which issues and developments in Latin America influence relations between citizens in the Unites States. This lesson focuses on immigration and compares Latin America with the United States

Latin American Protest Songs: New Song of Chile and Cuba

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the music of the New Song movement by engaging with melodies, rhythms and lyrics of four selections from the Cancion Protesta: Protest Songs of Latin America album. This lesson highlights the role music can play in social protest, as well as the specific historical, political and cultural contexts of the songs.
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