Governor Castro Series: Labor Unrest in Cananea

This lesson guides students through primary source analysis to learn more about a labor dispute and subsequent massacre in Mexico. The lesson also uses Governor Castro's life as a backdrop because he was born in the area.

Foods of Latin America Project

Students will learn about different regional dishes in Latin America in groups and create a simple presentation to share what they learned with the class. This is a simpler version of the same lesson available for high school students. This is mainly a cultural lesson that can be used in a Spanish language class, but there are suggestions to incorporate Spanish language instruction throughout. This is highly adaptable and a great way to learn about Latin American cultures!

Analysis Worksheets

This document consists of 5 different worksheets that analyze different mediums. The mediums analyzed include maps, written documents, cartoons, photos and posters. These are a great way to have students reflect on what they are reading or studying. Great for taking notes and organizing information gathered from different mediums in the classroom.

Resource Center of the Americas: Books for Spring 2001

This resource lists curriculum resources and books to be used in the classroom. Most are for purchases but are categorized based on resources, curricula, grade school books, middle school books, high school books, books about Latinos and Latinas specifically, books about immigration and migration workers and books on the Caribbean. This list is great to look at as it gives the summary of each book.

Annotated Bibliography of Children's and Adolescent Books: Mexico

This list is a compilation of books whose author or illustrate are from Mexico or have lived in Mexico. There are a variety of genres include picture books, first person stories and fiction.

Mexican Fashion

This resource gives a few examples of tradition fashion in Mexico and allows students to even sketch their own designs similar to that of the traditional styles of fashion.

Mariachi Guide

In this resource, a background of the music form of Mariachi is given along with images of instruments and the typical outfit of someone who plays in a mariachi band. A great tool when teaching about Mariachi and Mexican culture.

Maps of Caribbean

This resource contains 3 images of the Caribbean region and surrounding land regions. The first map shows major shipping lanes within the Caribbean region and sea, with the second including the basins and the third labeling the specific countries that exist in and near the Caribbean such as smaller countries of St.Lucia and Barbados.

Map of Panama Canal Zone

This resource is an image mapping out the Panama Canal Zone and is a great tool to use when teaching about the Panama Canal or he country of Panama in general.

Map of 10 Countries in Latin America compared to the U.S.

This resource provides an image displaying the size comparison between Mexico and several other Latin American countries to the United States. This is a good tool to use when teaching about geography and demographics.
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