Latin American Poets

In this lesson plan, students will be able to read poems written by Latin American Poets and learn what it means to have a voice and express ideas. Students will then create a letter to a poet who they feel speaks to them. This lesson plan allows for students to become engaged with the writer behind poems they connect with and will help them practice their drafting and writing skills.

Treasures of the Palice Pavilion

This learning packet mainly focuses on educating students on the history of Art in Mexico, particularly in Pre-Columbian times and allows students to create their own plaster or paper plate masks after learning about the significance of these masks within Mexico.

Journey into Amazonia

This unit contains several lesson plans varying in grade level, length and topic about the Amazon. Each lesson mainly focuses on the geography and history of the Amazon.

Thawing Relations Between Cuba and the U.S.

In this lesson, students will explore different facts of the historic relationship between Cuba and the United States. Students will compare Cuban's typical lifestyle with the lifestyle of student's hometown.

Regions of Chile Using the 5 Themes of Geography

In this lesson plan, students will understand the characteristics of the four regions of Chile which include the Big North, Little North, Central and South. Students will learn about how physical features affect people living in an area and how the people of Chile have adapted to life in these regions.

Carnaval Unit

This unit contains multiple lesson plans that include all grade levels regarding different aspects of the popular celebration of Carnaval in Brazil.

Corrido Unit

This unit is a three part lesson plan that covers the history of the music form of the Corrido, as well as allows for students too write their own Corrido. Part One focuses on the History of El Corrido, Part Two focuses on Corridos and Poetry, while Part Three allows the student to write their own Corrido.

The Fandango in Son Jarocho: The Community Tradition and Improvisation of Son Jarocho

The fandango community celebration is central to the son jarocho tradition of Veracruz, Mexico. This lesson explores the core elements of the fandango: instruments, voice and verse, and rhythmic dance.
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