Comparing Texas and Latin America

This is a two week teaching unit to be worked into the framework of history classes. The unit involves comparing the kown Texas port city, Houston, with selected Latin American port cities. Students will compare the stereotypes of both Texans and Latin Americans, derive symbols for Houston and Latin American cities and compare statistical information in specified areas.

U.S. and Cuba Relations

In this lesson students will explore the history of relations between Cuba and the United States and examine in detail one event or period to be included in a class timeline of U.S.-Cuba relations. This lesson includes an extension activity and suggested readings as well.

Reading and Discussing the Role of Women in Slavery

The reading is translated and adapted from a Puerto Rican textbook on women in Latin America. it is designed to teach the often forgotten role of women n the history of Latin America. Students will learn some specific aspects of slavery and will also discover the roe slave women played in shaping Caribbean culture and in the struggle for abolishing slavery.

2 Maps of Brazil

The first map compares the size of Brazil to the United States and the second map compares the countries of Europe to the size of Brazil. Useful tool when teaching about Brazil's geography.

Brazilian Carnaval Masks

When celebrating Carnaval in Brazil, masks are worn by both rich and poor alike. This guide gives instructions for both simple and more complex face masks to be made. The simple mask is more suited for young children and the complex mask for older ages. This is a fun way to immerse yourself in celebrating the fun Brazilian festival!

A Reading about the People of Venezuela

Students will explore a short reading that breaks down the stereotype of a homogeneous Latin American population and displays that Venezuela population is made up of many different ethnic groups.

Two Exercises Relating to Family Trees

In this lesson students will understand the use and formation of the double surname, and will be able to relate their understanding t other families and their own through activities and discussion.

The Art of Venezuelan Gestures

In this lesson, students will learn a series of important Venezuelan gestures and become aware of the value of gestures in communication.

The Way to Venezuela Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will investigate various faucets of Venezuelan culture, politics, history and current events to develop an introductory chapter of a guidebook to the country. They then speculate on how the recent ousting and reinstatement of President Hugo Chavez might affect the information provided in their guidebook introduction.

A Class Project Booklet on Simon Bolivar

In this lesson students will study Simon Bolivar, a military hero, and will share information about him in order to learn of Latin America's struggle for independence from Spain and become acquainted with this great figure in Latin American history. Students will compile each of their reports on Simon Bolivar to make a class booklet detailing his life.
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