Reading about and Modeling the Petroleum Route

Venezuela is one of the major petroleum exporting countries in the world. In this unit, students will read a brief history of the petroleum industry in this nation and will be able to describe the role of petroleum in Venezuela, both historically and presently. Students will then model an oil field and the petroleum route in order to gage their understanding of petroleum relating to Venezuela.

Let's Tour Caracas

This lesson provides students with a general idea of what the capital city of Venezuela is like. Students will be able to describe Caracas briefly, after breaking an stereotype created by the media.

A Demographer's Task

In this lesson, students will be able to give a general description of the population of Venezuela, making use of the skills and vocabulary learned through this unit. Students will also become familiar with the use of pie charts and several kinds of statistics.

Making a Chart of Agricultural Products of Venezuela

The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about the agricultural products of Venezuela and the relationship of agriculture and climate. Students will develop their skills to read and interpret maps and charts, and will be able to collect data to organize into a chart.

Minidrama Concerning Machismo

This lesson deals with the different understandings of the meaning of "macho" and "machismo" between the United States and Latin America. Students will understand this difference through a reading,mini drama and comparative exercise and discuss the role of "machismo" in both cultures.

Making a "Bull of Tachira"

During the Christmas season in the Venezuelan State of Tachira, a bull appears on the streets of the towns to add excitement to the holiday festivities. The class will make its own bull for a festive occasion or to display to other classes.

Tour of South America

Students will become familiar with a famous city, landmark, ancient ruin or natural wonder in South America.In order to grasp their understanding of what place they chose, students will create a slideshow with images and facts about the significance of that South American site to present to the class.

Two Readings about Folk Medicine in Peru

In this lesson, students will read two readings about folk medicine, one with general information and another that looks closer at the practice of folk medicine. They will understand the practice of folk medicine in Peru and will be able to relate where and why it is prevalent and the types of "treatments" that are employed.

The Inca Garcilaso's Description of Farming

The writing of the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega bear witness to the high level of social development in the Inca Empire and have been instrumental in creating strong national pride. Students will read a description by Garcilaso and will be able to describe how the Incas socially organized to cultivate the land.


Students will be able to account for language variations in South America and gain some awareness of the separatism in which many natives still reside in within some South American countries, principally Peru.
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