Looking at Land Reform in Peru

Students will begin dealing with the issues of land reform and will develop their own opinions on the idea of land reform.

Latino Concept of Time, Culture Capsule and Role-Play Activity

In this lesson, students will understand the differing concepts of time in the U.S. and Peru (as well as other Latin American countries) and be able to relate these differences to each culture. The students will also understand the nuances that are connected to the word "manana".

An Aymara Song

Aymara is another language spoken in Peru. Students will learn to sing an Aymara song.

Chasqui Relay Race of the Inca Empire

This lesson is an entertaining way for students to learn about the Inca communication system and broaden their knowledge of the Inca empire.

Collecting Peruvian Flora and Fauna Cards

In this lesson, students will be able to identify and describe many animals and plants of Peru.

Reading the Inca Creation Myth

In this lesson, students will learn how the Inca's believed the world was created and be able to compare this with other creation myths.

A Description of Holidays in Peru

In this activity, students will get a glimpse of the many enjoyable activities and meaningful festivities to be found in Peru.

Construction of a "Zafa-Casa"

In this lesson, students will enjoy constructing a zafa-casa, understand its significance and use in Peru, and compare it with other types of "rituals" found in the United States.

Silver People, Stories from the Panama Canal

This lesson plan is meant to accompany the 2015 Americas Award Winner "Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal" by Margarita Engle. The book and lesson will allow for classroom discussions pertaining to race relations, power struggles and the differences between race, nationality and ethnicity. In this unit students will experiment with how sentence fluency can help create distinct voices and will also recognize how specific voices can encompass characteristics of communities.

The Creation of the Panama Canal

In this lesson, students will learn why the Panama Canal was built and how the U.S. played a major role in influencing the Panamanian people. Students will make a poster at the end of the lesson to demonstrate their understanding.
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