IDEAS: Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua, Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in Central America. A UNESCO World Heritage site watched over by an active volcano that sends the occasional spark into the night sky, there are few places more stunning or fascinating to spend your semester abroad. Coordinated by LAS core-faculty member Elizabeth Oglesby, the IDEAS (International Program for Education and Social Action)  study abroad program is a unique experience that combines rigorous academics with for-credit internships around themes such as development and public health, ethnic relations and human rights, and indigenous and environmental politics. It partners with the Association for the Advancement of the Social Sciences in Guatemala, one of Guatemala's leading intellectual centers that emphasizes the connection between research and social action.


Students live with families in Antigua, a safe and vibrant city that attracts students, professionals, and activists from all over the world, in addition to different parts of Guatemala. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala City, and the beach are a short distance away.  The program includes reflection of current events, top-notch language training for UA credit, encounters with Guatemalan activists, artists, students and scholars and field trips.


Term: Summer, Fall, Spring

Housing Options: Homestay

Minimum GPA: 2.5

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