In the Shadow of the Wall: Migrant Border Crossing Study


Completed in 2013, In the Shadow of the Wall: igrant Border Crossing Study (MBCS) is a bi-national, interdisciplinary research project containing over 1,100 one hour-long surveys with deportees about their experiences with violence. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the goal of the project was  to produce generalizable data about deportee's experiences crossing the border, being apprehended, processed and deported by U.S. authorities.  Former UA Latin American Studies MA student Dr. Jeremy Slack, who is currently working as an assistant Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology Department at the University of Texas after completing his doctorate at the UA School of Geography and Development, is one of the principal researchers of the project, along with along Dr. Daniel E. Martínez of the Department of Sociology at The George Washington University. Click on the PDFs below to read parts I, II, and the final report of the study.


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