Brazil, Film, and Feminism Multimedia Showcase Winners

Congratualtions to the winners of LAS 460/560 Multimedia Showcase and to all who participated! Check out their projects in the links below. 


Jasmine Ann Demers | #MeuPrimeiroAssédio/#MyFirstHarassment

A documentary with fictional elements featuring the voices of Brazilian women as they speak out against violence, harassment, and assault through social media.



Kristal Ambar Natera | Carmen Miranda’s Baiana Image: Cultural Appropriation or Appreciation?

Carmen Miranda represented Brazil in the U.S. for many years and made the Baiana image famous worldwide. Was this cultural appropriation or appreciation?


Rachael Phenicie | Helena Solberg: Feminism is My Business

A short docufiction film portraying Brazilian filmmaker Helena Solberg’s navigation through her film career as both a woman and an immigrant to the U.S. (password: solberg)



Daniel Rezetko | Feminist Legacies of Latin American Women in Film

Women filmmakers in Latin America offer alternative narratives in a world of filmmaking controlled by men and patriarchal interests.


Marianela Isabel Chamorro | Contracorriente

Short film addressing the everyday feminism expressed in the friendships, parenting challenges, and political activism of three South American grad students at the University of Arizona as they help each other raise their young daughters.


April Lanuza | Brazilian Reflections in Tucson: Turning a Strange Land into Home

An 89-year-old former music teacher, folk artist, and writer from Brazil retires in the Foothills, maintaining her cultural identity and sharing it with others.


Jake Tolliver | Is Brazil’s Evangelical Movement Feminist or Far Right?

This blog explores the evangelical movement in Brazil by looking at its successes and failures in promoting inclusion for women and other marginalized groups, especially in the context of Bolsonaro’s surprising election.


Blair Marie Camarillo | The Goal of Opportunity: Women’s Soccer in Brazil

This short film addresses the hurdles that women soccer players in Brazil overcome in order to play the game they love. (password: Camarillo)

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