Congratulations Graduating Seniors!

The Center for Latin American Studies’ graduating seniors gathered in the Harvill Building for an informal pizza luncheon/awards ceremony on Thursday, May 5th. Many won awards from both CLAS and SBS, proving (as they do every year!) that CLAS produces outstanding students.


The semester's over, time to goof off! 


After the awards ceremony, the students talked about future plans with directors Colin Deeds and Marcela Vasquez-Leon, and each chose a book of Latin American literature as a parting gift and some “food for thought” for the summer. Congratulations graduating seniors! We look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the future! See the list of award-winners below.


Literary parting gifts for the seniors


2016 LAS Graduating Seniors and Award Winners!


LAS Outstanding Seniors

Mario Aubert-Vasquez

Dominique Cruz


SBS & LAS Outstanding Senior

for Leadership & Engagement

Zazil Davis-Vazquez


LAS Outstanding Senior for

Success & Perseverance

Sofia Nuno

Xitlaly Reyes

Rebecca Garcia


LAS Exemplary Graduating Senior

Morgan Elyse Cortez

Aleene Hernandez

Maria Kantor

Benjamin Remy


Leo Roop Scholarship:

Nic Molinary


Magellan Circle Award Winners

Mario Aubert-Vasquez

Julian Cardenas

Zazil-xa Davis-Vasquez

Guadalupe Gamez

Anahi Herrera

Robert Navarro

Sofia Nuno

Xitlaly Reyes


Graduating Seniors

Vanessa Acevedo

Clara Apodaca-Welch

Melissa Conrad

Alejandro Enriquez

Jose Federico

Martin Forstrom

Ana Islas

Connie Lira-Saavedra

Patricia Ahumada

Pola Laskus

Marissa Moreno

Lia Vazquez


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05/05/2016 - 13:32

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