Dr. Jennifer Cyr awarded the Kellogg/Notre Dame Award for the Best Paper

04/07/2017 - 11:48
CLAS faculty member Jennifer Cyr recently presented  a paper at the Congress of the Midwest Political Science Association annual conference in Chicago, and was awarded the Kellogg/Norte Dame Award for Best Paper. The article, "Anti-Identity Movements in Fluid Party Settings," examines the role that political movements against Alberto Fujimori (anti-fujimorismo), Hugo Chavez (anti-chavismo), and Alvaro Uribe (anti-uribismo) play in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of those who belong to each movement. The paper represents the first comparative application of social identity theory to groups in Latin America, and is the first of an extended project on identity, political movements, and democracy in Latin America.
Congratulations Dr. Cyr on this wonderful accomplishment!  

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