LAS Professor Scott Whiteford Publishes Ford Foundation-Funded Research on Migrants

04/08/2016 - 17:37

Dr. Scott Whiteford, a professor at the Center for Latin American studies, recently published an article titled “In Harm’s Way: Family Separation, Immigration Enforcement Programs and Security on the US/Mexico Border,” co-authored with Jeremy Slack of the  University of Texas, El Paso, Daniel E. Martínez of George Washington University , and Emily Peiffer of the University of Arizona. Dr. Whiteford’s article, funded by the Ford Foundation and published in the Journal on Migration and Human Security, examines the demographics and family ties of deportees, their experiences with immigration enforcement practices and programs under the CDS, and how these programs have reshaped contemporary migration and deportation along the US-Mexico border. The article covers programs such as criminal prosecutions of illegal entries under Operation Streamline, and the Alien Transfer and Exit Program (ATEP) or lateral repatriation program which returns immigrants to different locations from where they illegally entered. In relationship to these programs, it considers issues of due process and treatment of deportees in US custody. Click on the pdf below to download the article, and click here to read and download more of Dr. Whiteford's recent work. Congratulations Dr. Whiteford on publishing this important research!

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