Last Week at LAS: Brazilian Black Consciousness Day and Dr. Mauad Workshops

11/20/2017 - 09:51



The Center for Latin American Studies held two great Brazil-themed events last week. On Monday, they celebrated Brazilian Black Consciousness Day on the UA Mall last week, giving the university community a chance to learn about race and anti-racism in Brazil. Our friends over at Studio Axe performed some traditional Afro-Brazilian dances, and gave a free capoiera workshop for whoever wanted to get moving and join in on the fun. Afterwards, Professors Antonio Da Silva, Jennifer Roth-Gordon, and Cheryl Bakari led an insightful panel discussion on race and anti-racism. LAS's own Professor Da Silva regularly offers courses on the subject of race in Brazil.



We were also honored to have Dr. Ana Mauad, a visiting professor from the Universidade Federal Fluminese in brazil, offer a series of fascinating workshops and talks on visual history, social memory, and how to incorporate such elements into research projects. A variety of UA faculty, students, and community members attended the workshops, and LAS students enjoyed getting a chance to chat with Dr. Mauad in informal settings.

The semester is winding down, but keep posted for more upcoming events from LAS! To view more photos of these events, visit our facebook page.








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