Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples and Extractive Industries Across the Americas
Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples and Extractive Industries Across the Americas- University of Arizona, Center for Latin American Studies Human Rights Initiative and Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy... Read More
“Engaging and Transforming Silenced Pasts- Feminist Participatory Action Research, Embodied Praxis and Creativity with Maya Woman” M. Brinton Lykes
M. Brinton Lykes, PhD, is a Professor of Community-Cultural Psychology, Associate Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, and Chair of the Department of Counseling and... Read More
Free Screening of "Crossing the Line" by John Carlos Frey
Join the Center for Latin American Studies and the Loft Cinema for a free screening of the recent hard-hitting PBS documentary Crossing the Line and a discussion afterward with filmmaker, activist... Read More
8th Annual Tinker Symposium Tues Nov 6th 2012
8th ANNUAL TINKER SYMPOSIUM ON GRADUATE RESEARCH IN LATIN AMERICA Keynote Address“Anthropology and Human Rights: The Politics of Research and Solidarity in Colombia”Dr. Lesley Gill Tuesday, November... Read More
Interview with Victims of Oct. 4, 2012 in Guatemala
Small Grants for Academic Collaboration in the Americas Awarded
The UA Office of Western Hemispheric Programs, in conjunction with the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) – Title VI National Resource Center and the Office of the Vice President for Regional... Read More
Dr. Marcela Vásquez-León receives Fulbright to study single-species conservation efforts in northern Mexico
In August Dr. Marcela Vásquez-León, associate professor at CLAS and associate research anthropologist in the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology, began research about the Mexican government's... Read More
Congratulations to LAS Graduates!
Six Latin American Studies students graduated with Honors and wrote senior theses.  They include three majors: Angela Barrraza, Francisco Lara, and Leanne Trujillo; and three minors: Chelsea Halstead... Read More
Dr. Margaret Wilder Leads Binational Climate Change Study
 On Friday, October 14, Dr. Margaret Wilder, associate professor at CLAS and the School of Geography and Development and associate research professor of environmental policy with the Udall Center for... Read More
LAS Awarded an Arizona Humanities Council Grant
The University of Arizona Center for Latin American Studies (LAS) was recently awarded an Arizona Humanities Council grant to promote the Borderlands Community Film Series.  Together with Hanson Film... Read More