Breaking the Curse of Forgotten Places: The Politics of Criminalizing Communities


Mon, 11/03/2014 - 05:00

Monday November 3, 5pm – 7pm
César Chavez Room 400, the University of Arizona


This multimedia presentation will take an in-depth look at neoliberal militarism and how this political economy criminalizes whole sectors of society in the US and Mexico. The "War on Drugs" provides leverage for the militarization of territory, forced displacement  and natural resource extraction. We will also consider cases of community based resistance and alternatives to this criminalization in Mexico and across the border in the United States.

Simón Sedillo is an independent journalist and a documentary filmmaker. Sedillo has contributed to a growing archive of community based investigative research backed up by a wide variety of documentary films and articles. These diverse projects focus primarily on the effects of neoliberalism and militarism on indigenous communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in the US and Mexico. Sedillo tours universities and community centers throughout the USA screening films and lecturing on political economy and geopolitics in Mexico and the USA.

Sponsored by the UofA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the School of Geography and Development, MeCha (UofA), MeCha (Pima Community College), Students for Justice in Palestine, and UNIDOS


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