Making Mexican crafts at CLAS's 2016 Tucson Festival of Books table


The Center for Latin American Studies is dedicated to educating the Tucson community about the history, politics, and culture of Latin America. Our department is home to a talented faculty and staff with expertise in a variety of countries and subject areas, and we have many connections. We are pleased to offer a wide array of resources for educators and students


The Center for Latin American Studies (LAS) has been one of 125 National Resource Centers (NRC) for Foreign Language, Area & International Studies in the United States.  Funding from the Department of Education, Title VI was awarded to LAS in 2010 to establish a national resource center for the study of foreign languages and International studies. LAS promotes the study of Spanish and Latin America at the University and K-12 levels and offers outreach teacher training programs and curriculum development.


Located in Tucson, Arizona, only 100km from the US/Mexican border, CLAS is perfectly situated to develop, promote and implement foreign language and Latin American Studies programs to students of all ages. Click on the links to view curriculum materials, to learn about the educational resources available at the center, and to access a short immigration policy film produced by CLAS and the Arizona State Muesuem. Please contact Colin Deeds at colind@email.arizona.edu with any questions about workshops, resources, or classroom speakers.






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