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Alfredo Huete's picture
Alfredo Huete
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Anita Huizar- Hernandez's picture
Anita Huizar- Hernandez
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Barbara Hutchinson's picture
Barbara Hutchinson
Director and Librarian, Arid Lands Information Center, Office of Arid
TEL: (520) 626-0329
Office: Forbes 306A
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Takeshi Inomata's picture
Takeshi Inomata
Associate Professor, School of Anthropology
TEL: (520) 621-2961
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Katharine L. Jacobs's picture
Katharine L. Jacobs
Professor & Specialist, Soil Water & Environmental Science
TEL: (520) 626-5627
FAX: (520) 626-7770
Office: Marshall 535

As of January 4, 2010, Katharine Jacobs is working in Washington DC at the Office of Science and Technology Policy on an Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) mobility assignment and is the Assistant Director of OSTP for Climate Assessment and Adaptation.  She...
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Jennifer Jenkins's picture
Jennifer Jenkins
Associate Professor, English
TEL: (520) 621-1780
Office: Modern Languages 445
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Toni Griego Jones's picture
Toni Griego Jones
Professor, Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies, College of Education
TEL: (520) 626-8062
Office: Education 802

Toni Griego-Jones (Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching & Teacher Education where she teaches graduate courses in equity in schools and society, teacher leadership, school reform, and education of Mexican American students. She is...
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John Paul Jones III's picture
John Paul Jones III
Dean, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
TEL: (520) 621-1112
FAX: (520) 621-9424
Office: Douglass 200W

J.P. Jones III is Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor in the School of Geography and Development. His work includes over 100 articles, book chapters, and essays, seven edited books, and fifteen awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  He is the past...
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Keegan Krause's picture
Keegan Krause

Keegan is a dual-degree student in the Center for Latin American Studies and the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. He graduated with a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2011), where he studied Anthropology,...
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Julian Kunnie's picture
Julian Kunnie
Professor, Religious Studies/Classics Studies
TEL: (520) 621-0017
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April Lanuza's picture
April Lanuza

April Lanuza is a dual degree student in Journalism and Latin American Studies focusing on documentary-style storytelling. Her research includes a growing Latino community in North Dakota and border issues. She has lived in Buenos...
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Patricia Lebensohn's picture
Patricia Lebensohn
Associate Clinical Professor, Family & Community Medicine
TEL: (520) 626-9390
Office: AHSC 4320

Dr. Lebensohn comes to the Center from the University of Arizona, College of Medicine, where she has served in different faculty roles since 1993. Dr. Lebensohn is a graduate of the Center's Fellowship in Integrative Medicine class 2005. She was the Family Medicine Residency program director...
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Geta LeSeur-Brown's picture
Geta LeSeur-Brown
Associate Professor, English
TEL: (520) 621-1836
Office: Modern Languages 488
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Diana Liverman's picture
Diana Liverman
Co-Director, Institute of the Environment
TEL: (520) 626-2910
FAX: (520) 792-8795
Office: Marshall Building 534

I currently hold a joint appointment between the University of Arizona and Oxford University - as co-director of the Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona and professor in the School of Geography and Development and as a senior research fellow in ECI and Visiting...
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Susan Lobo's picture
Susan Lobo
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Todd O. Lutes's picture
Todd O. Lutes
Associate Professor, Political Science; Division Chair, Liberal Studies, UA South
TEL: (520) 458-8278 ext. 2133
Office: Sierra Vista Campus, A110
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Maurice Rafael Magana's picture
Maurice Rafael Magana
Assistant Professor in Mexican American Studies

Maurice (Mauricio) Rafael Magaña is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research focuses on the cultural politics of youth organizing, transnational migration, urban space, and...
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Anne Garland Mahler's picture
Anne Garland Mahler
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Patricia Manning's picture
Patricia Manning
Associate Project Director, Southwest Institute for Research on Women
TEL: (520) 621-4251
Office: University Terrace Apartments 207
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Daniel Martinez's picture
Daniel Martinez
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Daniel E. Martínez is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona. His research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity, unauthorized immigration, and criminology. He...
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Thomas R. McGuire's picture
Thomas R. McGuire
Research Anthropologist & Chair of Administrative Affairs, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology
TEL: (520) 626-7638
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Paul Melendez's picture
Paul Melendez
EthicsPoint Distinguished Lecturere in Business Ethics, Department of Management and Organizations, Eller College of Management
TEL: (520) 621-3688
Office: McClelland Hall 405

Paul Melendez has been with the Eller College of Management since 1996. He earned his doctorate from The University of Arizona with a specialization in “privatization.” As a faculty member he serves as the EthicsPoint Distinguished Lecturer in Business Ethics and the Director of the Ethics...
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Edgar Monreal's picture
Edgar Monreal
TEL: (520) 626-7208
Office: Marshall Building, Room 282
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Jadwiga Pieper Mooney's picture
Jadwiga Pieper Mooney
Associate Professor, History
TEL: (520) 621-5486
Office: Social Sciences 133
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Monica Morales's picture
Monica Morales
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Cecilia Moreno's picture
Cecilia Moreno
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Hayley Moretz's picture
Hayley Moretz

Hayley Moretz is a graduate student pursuing dual Masters degrees in Latin American Studies and Public Health.  She graduated from Davidson College with a BA in Spanish and a pre-medicine concentration, and...
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Katherine Morrissey's picture
Katherine Morrissey
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Katilin M. Murphy's picture
Katilin M. Murphy
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Gary Paul Nabhan's picture
Gary Paul Nabhan
Research Social Scientist & Research Professor, Southwest Center
TEL: (520) 621-2484
Office: Little Chapel of All Nations 185

Gary Paul Nabhan is an internationally-celebrated nature writer, seed saver, conservation biologist and sustainable agriculture activist who has been called “the father of the local food movement” by Mother Earth News. Gary is also an orchard-keeper, wild forager and Ecumenical Franciscan...
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