Anna Ochoa O'Leary

Professor & Department Head, Mexican American Studies

Anna Ochoa O’Leary is an Assistant Professor in Mexican American Studies and Co-director of the Binational Migration Institute at the University of Arizona.  She is a 2006 Garcia-Robles Fulbright scholar for research on repatriated and deported migrant women on the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Research Interests:  My research objectives include those articulated by the Binational Migration Institute:

  • To produce and disseminate scientific data on how the implementation & enforcement of U.S. and Mexican immigration policies impact all Latinos in the U.S., particularly in terms of constitutional, civil, and human rights as well as public health;   
  • To generate policy relevant recommendations based on valid and reliable knowledge.
  • To mentor and train students  

Fundamental to the achieving of these goals is the sustained cultivation of interdisciplinary collaboration and the collaboration of binational institutions committed to furthering a reasoned, empirically informed discussion about policies affecting im/migrant groups within shared environments.