Christian Ruvalcaba

Research Coordinator, Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

Christian Ruvalcaba grew up in Sonora and Arizona. He is a Research Coordinator at the University of Arizona’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry. After receiving a BA in Linguistics and an MA from the English Applied Linguistics program at UArizona, Christian earned a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. His research focuses on language and place. This includes morphosyntactic theory, intersections of place identity and language, participatory sociolinguistic research in the southwest, and Indigenous language reconstruction and revitalization. He has taught writing, linguistics, and Spanish for Heritage learners at UArizona and Pima Community College. He has coordinated multiple collaborative efforts, research projects, and online archives such as the Language Capital Project, an interactive map of formal or informal resource centers and meeting spaces for speakers of minority languages in Tucson, a qualitative place-meaning study of Tumamoc Hill, and a binational revitalization effort of the Opatan languages (Tegüima, Eudeve, and Jova).