Christopher Scott

Director, Udall Center - Studies in Public Policy

Professor, Geography/Regional Development

Focus: coupled natural-human systems, Mexico, Latin America, US Southwest, India, Nepal.

Themes: adaptation, resilience, global change, climate change, water-energy nexus, groundwater, wastewater, reuse, transboundary water.

Research Interests:  My research is based at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy.  I normally supervise Masters and PhD students in the School of Geography & Development.

I am able to co-chair student committees in Latin American Studies.

Ongoing research and stakeholder engagement -- in and outside the academy -- led to invitations for me to be Univ. Arizona affiliate faculty in:

  • Arid Lands Resource Sciences (I can chair student committees)

And the following, where I can co-chair student committees:

  • Hydrology & Water Resources
  • Soil, Water & Environmental Science
  • Watershed Management (School of Natural Resources & Environment)