Colin Deeds '07

Assistant Director, Latin American Studies

Colin is a native of Arizona and a two-time graduate of the University of Arizona; BA in Anthropology and MA in Latin American Studies.  Before joining the Center's staff, Colin studied in Argentina, worked as an archeologist for the National Park Service, and carried out research in Mexico on politics and migration. He served as the LAS Program Coordinator for 4 years before becoming Assistant Director, where he ran the CLAS speaker series, conferences, special events, website and K-12 educational outreach program. Deeds has organized and led numerous field studies along the U.S.-Mexico Border and further South into Mexico.

In his current role, Colin helps run the day-to-day operations at the Center, advises students in the B.A. and M.A. programs, manages grants, supervises internships, coordinates scholarships and teaches several classes on contemporary issues in Latin America (LAS 195A An Introduction to the US-Mexico Border and LAS 354 Drugs & Violence in Mexico). He is the co-editor of the Uncharted Terrains: New Directions in Border Research Methodology, Ethics & Practice (UA Press 2013 with Anna Oleary & Scott Whiteford) and the article "The Social and Economic Costs of Trumps Border Wall" in the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Centro de Investigaciones Sobre America del Norte (CISAN), Voices of Mexico Journal