Jake Dean

M.A. Latin American Studies (Anthropology; Politics & Environment)

Jake W. Dean is a Master of Arts student in the Center for Latin American Studies with concentrations in Anthropology and Politics & Environment. He is also pursuing a graduate certificate in social, cultural, and critical theory. He holds a B.S. in Earth & Space Exploration (Astrobiology & Biogeosciences) and a B.A. in Anthropology from Arizona State University. He leverages his academic background in anthropology, earth science, and history to conduct multi-species research into the political ecology of ecotourism, fisheries, and conservation-as-development projects in the Americas. Dean emphasizes inclusive, socio-ecological community-based approaches to conservation projects and embraces the value of local ecological knowledge. Currently, he is a CLIMAS Environment & Society Fellow, as well as the Book Reviews Editor for the Journal of Political Ecology. He is also a freelance journalist who has published in outlets such as Mexico City's El Universal, Slate Magazine, Tucson Weekly, and the Indian publication The Wire. Dean is also the co-chair and founder of the Arizona Latin American Studies Symposium, which is an annual event for students across the Southwest to present their research on Latin America in a welcoming, inclusive environment.