Ulisis Ricoy

Associate Research Scientist

Faculty Director, NSCS

I am trained in Neurobiology I have experience in STEM education both in Spanish and English. My specialty is with underserved populations (both in the USA and in Mexico). Furthermore, I have experience in translating basic scientific research (Addiction, Depression, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, PTSD) to clinical and non-clinical audiences at Drug-Rehabilitation Clinic settings in Spanish and English. Understanding how neurons encode and compute information is fundamental to the study of the brain, but opportunities for hands-on experience with such techniques on live neurons are rare in science education. For the past decade, I have used my formal training to explore low-cost and hands-on approaches (using invertebrates) in neuroscience to explore behavioral and physiological questions (learning, locomotor, drug-seeking) with undergraduates. My goal is to broaden access and participation in Neuroscience from marginalized populations on both sides of the border.