Brazil: The Culture of Social Development

The purpose of this unit is to learn about social projects in some of Brazil's more marginalized communities while focusing on improving literacy skills. Students will complete various readings, data sets, writing assignments, and discussions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of Brazil's culture and the success of these particular social projects.

Brazil in a Nutshell

During this unit, students will get a feel for what Brazil is like. Students will learn about basic aspects of modern Brazil including geography, economics, politics, religion, food, climate and education. Students will get a taste for Brazilian culture through music, food, dance and learning basic Portuguese.

Brazilian History and Culture

In this unit, students will understand Brazilian history and culture from colonialism to the modern area. They will also learn to draw comparisons between Brazil and other colonies, countries and regions. There are five lessons, each lasting 1 class period within this unit.

Brazil and Urbanization

This unit contains 5 lessons, each touching on urbanization and different problems regarding urban lifestyles in Brazil.

Afro-Brazilian Music and Rituals: From Traditional Genres to the Beginnings of Samba

This paper serves as a resource when teaching about Afro-Brazilian music. The paper discusses musical genres, traditional rural genres and ritual genres connected with Catholicism. A few songs are included as examples of the variety of genres within Afro-Brazilian music.

Human and Environment Interaction in Latin America

Use environmental history to illustrate how environment influences humans and humans transform the environment.

The Role of the Military in Latin America

In this lesson, students will be able to discuss the Latin American military's influence among national politics.

Persistent Attitudes about Colonialism in Latin America

In this lesson, students will demonstrate understanding of the colonial past in Latin America and how these are still issues today for both the former colonials and former colonists.

Oil and Water: Natural Resources and Conflict in the Middle East and Latin America

This resource packet consists of multiple readings about oil conflicts in both the Middle East and Latin America. At the end of the packet are lessons on how to teach about the topic to middle and high school grades. For the full materials email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at

Latin American Immigration to the United States

Students will develop a basic understanding of the reasons for internal and international migration and the issues surrounding the immigration of Latin Americans to the United States.
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