Brazilian Carnaval Masks

When celebrating Carnaval in Brazil, masks are worn by both rich and poor alike. This guide gives instructions for both simple and more complex face masks to be made. The simple mask is more suited for young children and the complex mask for older ages. This is a fun way to immerse yourself in celebrating the fun Brazilian festival!

Minidrama Concerning Machismo

This lesson deals with the different understandings of the meaning of "macho" and "machismo" between the United States and Latin America. Students will understand this difference through a reading,mini drama and comparative exercise and discuss the role of "machismo" in both cultures.

Latino Concept of Time, Culture Capsule and Role-Play Activity

In this lesson, students will understand the differing concepts of time in the U.S. and Peru (as well as other Latin American countries) and be able to relate these differences to each culture. The students will also understand the nuances that are connected to the word "manana".


In this unit, students will identify choices or alternative actions and their possible consequences in respect to problems of cultural diversity, conflict, cultural change, population and more. Students will discuss major issues facing the contemporary world and hypothesize about possible solutions to these problems. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the unit.

Using Ads to Study U.S. Influence in Latin America

In this lesson, students will learn how to describe some U.S. influences in Latin America after directly experiencing real advertising from several newspapers. They will be able to compare this with Latin American influence on our own market and consumption.

Traveling Latin America

In this fun activity, students pretend to be an employee of a travel agency and design vacations for Latin America. Students will join a group of three and design a travel brochure for one particular country, with the focus on trying to encourage more people to visit your country. A rubric is included for grading students final project.

The Breaking Down of Stereotypes

This unit contains 3 exercises that help break apart stereotypes that students may or may not have about Latin America.

The Meaning of American

In this lesson, students will be sensitized to the inclusive and exclusive uses of "America" and "American".

Lets Take a Trip

In this project, students will produce a travel information packet with useful information about a region, country, city or town. They will get the opportunity to present their travel information to the class in a 7-10 minute group presentation. This project can take several days or spread out over a series of weeks.

A Mini-Organization of American States

In this lesson, students will become aware of the workings of the OAS and will stimulate their own mini-session of a General Assembly. The Organization of American States is a major part of the inter-American system and it's institutions. This exercise can be viewed from two perspectives, stressing either the conflict resolution nature of the OAS or the basic common identity of its member states.
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