Let's Design a City: Brasilia

This unit focuses on the idea that cities have not always been as they are now and that cities are constantly developing and changing. In this unit, students will become aware of his/her urban surrounding and will be able to give his/her own definition of a "city" and its characteristics. Students will be aware of the role Ethnocentricity plays in the concept and design of cities.

Writing an Amazon Explorer's Journal of Flora and Fauna

In this lesson, students will prepare a journal of the plants and animals they would find in the Amazon region. Over 90% of the Earth's plant and animal life is located within the Amazon Basin. Students will get the opportunity to perform research and write a description on their assigned plants and animals.

Inflation, Depression, Economic Recovery

In this lesson plan, students will be able to describe in his/her own words the process of inflation. Students will also be able to give a clear definition of depression and economic recovery, plus a series of other economic terms. Can be adapted to be used for other countries other than Brazil.

A View of Brazil: The Culture and Geography

This is a curriculum unit about Brazilian culture, geography, legends and food with the main goal of introducing students to the importance that Brazil plays in our worldwide globalization.

Making a Floating City

In this lesson, students will recreate the floating city of Manaus and learn of a different type of home. These cities are made by floating houses which were originally constructed by poor immigrants who could not afford to rent a house on dry land. Just as the houses are made of inexpensive materials, students will use inexpensive materials to construct their own floating house.

Amazing Amazon Life

In this lesson, students will research information about Brazil, particularly the Amazon River and will illustrate different animals and plants found in the river basin.

Human Geography and Brazil: More than Samba and the Rain Forest

In this lesson, students will analyze the culture of Brazil using the 12 Culture Keys and will be able to compare Brazilian culture to their own personal culture and the culture of contemporary societies. Students will analyze artifacts and view a PowerPoint that displays life in Brazil and the culture in Brazil. All worksheets needed are attached and powerpoint is included to aid teachers in facilitating lesson. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the materials to teach this lesson.

Exploring Fused Identity in Brazilian Culture

Students will be introduced to the geographic and cultural diversity of Brazil, allowing students to explore hybrid and fused identity along with the negotiations that are connected with these ideas. Students can use the Brazilian experience as a leans for examining issues of diversity and identity in the United States. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the materials to teach this lesson.

Brazil: Lost in the Rainforest

In this lesson students will learn about the Amazon rain forest by practicing listening skills and identifying a variety of tropical animals. For this lesson you will need to download 4 tracks to listen to of sounds found in the Amazon. These tracks can be found on the website under the Teenagers tab, click Brazil Lost in the Rainforest. This is a very fun way to teach about the Amazon as it includes sounds for students to listen to and practice listening skills.

An Introduction to Brazil

This unit includes multiple lessons that cover a variety of important topics related to Brazil such as Brazil's climate, capoeira, different organization in Brazil, Portuguese and more.
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