Create a Creature

Students in teams invent an animal that is specifically adapted to the rain forest environment, focusing on the Amazon Rain forest. They create a tear-art picture of the creature and present it in class. Students will first list adaptions animals have, then discuss different animals in the rain forest, then create their creatures and later describe adaptations of their specific creature to other students in class. This is a fun way to get students thinking about their surrounding environment including brainstorming adaptions that creatures who live in the rain forest can have.

Ritmo Embolada: An Introduction of Brazilian Rhythm

In this lesson plan, students will learn about the form of poetry and song known as "Embolada" which is a music form found in the northeastern region of Brazil. Embolada is heavily influenced by American rap music and African music, being of fast rhythm and often sung in the streets. Using the Embolada rhythm, students can improvise lyrics and sing solo. You will need to purchase the materials which includes audio from the Smithsonian Folkways website if you wish to utilize this lesson plan.

Danca! Movement and Music of Brazil

This lesson plan covers a variety of age groups ranging from 3rd grade to 12th grade and can be adapted to fit a variety of age groups. This lesson focuses on the Brazilian dances of Samba and Carimbo. Students will learn basic steps and dance along with the music while comparing the dances to our forms such as jazz and swing, found in the United States.You will need to purchase audio from Smithsonian Folkways or find audio on Youtube that will match the lesson.

Journey into Amazonia

This unit contains several lesson plans varying in grade level, length and topic about the Amazon. Each lesson mainly focuses on the geography and history of the Amazon.

Carnaval Unit

This unit contains multiple lesson plans that include all grade levels regarding different aspects of the popular celebration of Carnaval in Brazil.

Sing Some Brazilian Songs

This lesson plan acquaints students with some Brazilians songs of praise and a song expressing concern for the Earth. These songs are in Portuguese, the most common language spoke in Brazil and after song in churches and at meeting for the community.

Taste Some Brazilian Foods

This lesson acquaints students with some of Brazil's foods and Brazilian meal patterns to help them prepare Brazilian dishes such as a Mango Freeze on their own.

Play Some Brazilian Games

Students will learn how to play games that Brazil children play such as the Circle Game O Sapo (The Frog) and O Barco Virou (The boat overturned)

Drawing Amazon Life

Students will research about the Amazon Rainforest located in Brazil and draw unique creatures only found in the Amazon. This is a fun way for students to get familiar with the Amazon!

Carnaval Games, Toys and Traditions

In this lesson, students learn about the daily lives of Brazilian children and culture. Students will also make masks and learn to samba to have their own mini Carnaval celebration.
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