Central America

Relay Game for Practicing Soccer Skills

In this activity, students will begin to develop a physical skill that is vital to soccer, the world's most popular game and especially popular in Latin America. They will become aware of how certain aspects of physical fitness and sports coordination respond to cultural factors.

Lost King of the Maya

Students will understand and apply the Maya Long Count calendar system. Students will be asked to calculate the date of their birth in the system.

Using Ads to Study U.S. Influence in Latin America

In this lesson, students will learn how to describe some U.S. influences in Latin America after directly experiencing real advertising from several newspapers. They will be able to compare this with Latin American influence on our own market and consumption.

Traveling Latin America

In this fun activity, students pretend to be an employee of a travel agency and design vacations for Latin America. Students will join a group of three and design a travel brochure for one particular country, with the focus on trying to encourage more people to visit your country. A rubric is included for grading students final project.

The Breaking Down of Stereotypes

This unit contains 3 exercises that help break apart stereotypes that students may or may not have about Latin America.

Studying Vital Statistics and the Quality of Life

In this lesson, students will become familiar with certain types of statistics and discuss how these relate to real human experience. Students will examine key statistics which give us some idea of the quality of life in two Central American nations and one Caribbean nation.

The Meaning of American

In this lesson, students will be sensitized to the inclusive and exclusive uses of "America" and "American".

Lets Take a Trip

In this project, students will produce a travel information packet with useful information about a region, country, city or town. They will get the opportunity to present their travel information to the class in a 7-10 minute group presentation. This project can take several days or spread out over a series of weeks.

A Mini-Organization of American States

In this lesson, students will become aware of the workings of the OAS and will stimulate their own mini-session of a General Assembly. The Organization of American States is a major part of the inter-American system and it's institutions. This exercise can be viewed from two perspectives, stressing either the conflict resolution nature of the OAS or the basic common identity of its member states.

Mapping the Languages of Latin America

In this lesson, students will learn about how Central and South America offer a more diverse series of cultures and nations than we often realize. They will learn about the many languages of Latin America in order to provide an idea of this diversity. Students will be able to place their language on a map to be able to visualize Latin America as a complex cultural area.
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