Central America

About Central America

Within this unit are a variety of lesson plans regarding Central America that ranger from primary grades to secondary grades. This is a great unit if you want an overview of all of Central America and fun diverse lesson plans.

Mental Cartography

This lesson attempts to have students critically compare their "mental" maps of Latin America to some of the geographic realities of the region as a means to initiate thinking and learning about the relative location, size, diversity and importance of Latin America to the United States and the world. A basic knowledge of geography is essential to understanding Latin America and its importance.

El Norte

This lesson plan focuses on the immigration from countries in Latin America to "El Norte" which is used to describe the North countries of United States and Canada. The study of why people come to America offers an opportunity to introduce students to harsh realities that push so many in Latin America to leave their homes and make dangerous treks to El Norte.


This lesson illustrates one of the ways in which issues and developments in Latin America influence relations between citizens in the Unites States. This lesson focuses on immigration and compares Latin America with the United States
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