South America

Siestas and Fiestas: Images of Latin America in the United States History Textbooks

This resource explains that the United States education system is heavily dependent on textbooks. Therefore, it is important to have correct images that reflect Latin America in the most accurate way possible so that teaching about Latin America can be transparent and understandable. A good reading to assign to students to better understand misconceptions of Latin America through the lack of accurate images in textbooks or can be read by teacher to better understandthe topic of biases and inaccuracies relating to teaching Latin American studies.

Latin American Food Worksheet

A fun worksheet to teach about the importance of the food corn in the Latin American diet.

Introducing Ecuador Booklet

This booklet is a great resource to use when teaching about Ecuador. A map of Ecuador is included, along with background on the history, people, geography, economy and current situation of Ecuador. This booklet focuses on the future of children in Ecuador and how history has shaped how children will grow up in today's Ecuador.

Image of Peruvian Patterns

An image to accompany a lesson teaching about Peruvian patterns and the country of Peru.

History of Tamales

This brief paper gives you information about the history of the tamale and how it grew to be a key part of Latin American culture.

Historical Timeline of Peru

This timeline is a great resource to have when teaching about the history of Peru or the country of Peru in general.

Booklist of Award Winning Books

A list of 12 Award-Winning books having to do with Latin America.

Ecuador Diversity and Contrast Unit

Students will understand the unique culture of Ecuador and become familiar with the diversity in Ecuadorian climate, geography,dress, architecture and cuisine. They will also understand the problems of sustainability in Ecuador. For the full materials email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at

Human and Environment Interaction in Latin America

Use environmental history to illustrate how environment influences humans and humans transform the environment.

The Role of the Military in Latin America

In this lesson, students will be able to discuss the Latin American military's influence among national politics.
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