South America

Patterns of Conquest: Spanish Rule in the America and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans

This is a teacher resource packet that gives readings and materials to be used when teaching about the relationship between Spanish Rule in Americas and Ottoman Rule in the Balkans. Email our Outreach Coordinator Clea Conlin at for the full packet.

Latin American Revolutions

Students should be able to make a correlation between U.S. involvement in Latin America during the 1950's-1980's. Students should be able to identify key people, places and events with regard to Latin American Revolutions and American protest era movements.

Argentine Leatherwork

During or after a classroom study on Argentina, students may enjoy making these simple and inexpensive leather craft items. These leather items are popular in Argentina due to the large cattle industry in the country. A natural by-product of cattle is leather and so the leather industry is quite large in Argentina.

A Reading about the People of Venezuela

Students will explore a short reading that breaks down the stereotype of a homogeneous Latin American population and displays that Venezuela population is made up of many different ethnic groups.

Two Exercises Relating to Family Trees

In this lesson students will understand the use and formation of the double surname, and will be able to relate their understanding t other families and their own through activities and discussion.

The Art of Venezuelan Gestures

In this lesson, students will learn a series of important Venezuelan gestures and become aware of the value of gestures in communication.

The Way to Venezuela Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will investigate various faucets of Venezuelan culture, politics, history and current events to develop an introductory chapter of a guidebook to the country. They then speculate on how the recent ousting and reinstatement of President Hugo Chavez might affect the information provided in their guidebook introduction.

A Class Project Booklet on Simon Bolivar

In this lesson students will study Simon Bolivar, a military hero, and will share information about him in order to learn of Latin America's struggle for independence from Spain and become acquainted with this great figure in Latin American history. Students will compile each of their reports on Simon Bolivar to make a class booklet detailing his life.

Reading about and Modeling the Petroleum Route

Venezuela is one of the major petroleum exporting countries in the world. In this unit, students will read a brief history of the petroleum industry in this nation and will be able to describe the role of petroleum in Venezuela, both historically and presently. Students will then model an oil field and the petroleum route in order to gage their understanding of petroleum relating to Venezuela.

Let's Tour Caracas

This lesson provides students with a general idea of what the capital city of Venezuela is like. Students will be able to describe Caracas briefly, after breaking an stereotype created by the media.
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