South America

An Aymara Song

Aymara is another language spoken in Peru. Students will learn to sing an Aymara song.

Chasqui Relay Race of the Inca Empire

This lesson is an entertaining way for students to learn about the Inca communication system and broaden their knowledge of the Inca empire.

Collecting Peruvian Flora and Fauna Cards

In this lesson, students will be able to identify and describe many animals and plants of Peru.

Reading the Inca Creation Myth

In this lesson, students will learn how the Inca's believed the world was created and be able to compare this with other creation myths.

A Description of Holidays in Peru

In this activity, students will get a glimpse of the many enjoyable activities and meaningful festivities to be found in Peru.

Construction of a "Zafa-Casa"

In this lesson, students will enjoy constructing a zafa-casa, understand its significance and use in Peru, and compare it with other types of "rituals" found in the United States.

Using Ads to Study U.S. Influence in Latin America

In this lesson, students will learn how to describe some U.S. influences in Latin America after directly experiencing real advertising from several newspapers. They will be able to compare this with Latin American influence on our own market and consumption.

Traveling Latin America

In this fun activity, students pretend to be an employee of a travel agency and design vacations for Latin America. Students will join a group of three and design a travel brochure for one particular country, with the focus on trying to encourage more people to visit your country. A rubric is included for grading students final project.

The Breaking Down of Stereotypes

This unit contains 3 exercises that help break apart stereotypes that students may or may not have about Latin America.

The Meaning of American

In this lesson, students will be sensitized to the inclusive and exclusive uses of "America" and "American".
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