South America


This lesson plan gives a brief overview of Tango music and dance, looking at the history of Tango in Argentina.

Taste Some Bolivian Foods

Learn how to prepare foods that Bolivians enjoy such as Mani Confitado (Sugared Peanuts), Refresco de guineo con leche (Banana-milk refresher) and much more!

Create a Bolivian Craft

This lesson plan allows children to create a craft in the style of a Bolivian handicraft.

Cueca Solo

This lesson explores a case study of authoritarian government in Chile during the Pinochet government and how the conditions faced by Chilean citizens have to do with human rights violations. Chile is compared to the United States with regards to old acts such as the Sedition Act and the Removal of Cherokee Indians which are examples of human rights violations within the United States.

The Other Americans

In this lesson, students will explore some of the myths and realities that define Latin America. It focuses on the main political, economic and social developments in Latin America since WWII, as well as the diversity found in Latin America despite generalizations about the region.


This lesson illustrates how a lack of cross-cultural understanding might affect a business transaction between an American and a Latin American businessman. It highlights the concept of cross-cultural awareness and why it's important in an era where business translations take place within an intensively competitive global economy.

Mapping South America

Students examine different aspects of the South American continent, including its geography, climate, industry, and political boundaries.
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