Spring Course Offerings 2018

Spring courses are here! Study fascinating Latin America-related topics, such as food and culture in Latin America and deforestation in Brazil, and earn credits towards your degree. Details about enrolling can be found on schedule.arizona.edu.


CLAS is pleased to offer for your consideration:


LAS 150B1: Modern Latin America: Race, Rights, and Revolution. MW 10am-10.50am with Friday discussion, Tier 1 Indiv. and Soc.

This course serves as an interdisciplinary introduction to the people, places, and culture of Latin America. Please contact Dr. Katie O'brien (obrien7@email.arizona.edu) for more information.





LAS 195A: The US/Mexico Border. W 1:00PM – 1:50PM,1 Credit Colloquium

This colloquium serves as an introduction to the complexities of the local border reality and prepares students to better appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing the region from a variety of perspectives. Contact Professor Colin Deeds (colind@email.arizona.edu) for more information.




LAS 230: Latin America: Food and Culture. Tier II Indiv. and Soc. MW 11-11.50, Friday Discussion

This course explores the connections between what people in Latin America eat and who they are through cross-cultural study of Latin Americans' food production, preparation, and consumption. Contact Professor Antonio Da Silva (ajbsilva@email.arizona.edu) for more information.





LAS 348: Drugs, Wars, and Oil Fortunes. TTh 11am-12.15pm. Cross-listed with Anthropology.



With a focus on Latin America, this course examines the historical, comparative, and current dynamics of two global commodities: illicit drugs and oil. Cotnact Dr. Joel Correia (jcorreia@email.arizona.edu) for more information.




LAS 364: Development in 20th Century Latin America, TTH 12.40-1.45pm. Cross listed with Political Science.


This course offers a general introduction to contemporary Latin America from the perspective of political economy. Contact Dr. Matias Bianchi (mfbianci@email. arizona.edu) with questions.



LAS 399: Independent Study in Capoeira. 1 Credit.


Learn Capoeria as you learn about the history and culture of Brazil in this unique course. Email Clea to enroll: cconlin@email.arizona.edu.


LAS 480/550: Power, Politics, and Deforestation in Brazil. W 3-5.30pm. Cross-listed with Geography

Deforestation in Brazil, particularly in the Amazon Basin, has been one of the most divisive environmental issues in recent Latin American History. In this seminar, Dr. Joel Correia considers the history and contemporary drivers of deforestation in Brazil. Contact him with questions: jcorreia@email.arizona.edu.



LAS 498: Senior Capstone for majors. WF 1-2.30pm.


Email Dr. Marcela Vasquez-Leon with questions: mvasquez@email.arizona.edu