Student Kudos




End of Year Kudos!

Two graduate students who successfully defended their thesis:

  • Kate Chisholm did fieldwork in Oaxaca and wrote an interesting thesis on “The Impact of Migration on the Lives of Women Left Behind in Puebla, Mexico”. Congratulations and thanks to her advisor Scott Whiteford. She is receiving a dual MA in LAS and MPH, and will continue to do a PhD in Public Health.

  • Bobby Alvarez did quite a bit of work in Fortaleza looking at social and economic impacts of the World Cup. His thesis, titled "The Price of Glory: A Socio-economic Analysis of the  2014 FIFA World Cup in Fortaleza, Brazil", offers a wide view on impacts and a very interesting case study. He is receiving a dual MA in LAS and MPA and is a finalist for a Clinton- Fulbright Award.

Several of our grad students also received awards this year:

  • Claudia Diaz-Combs, Andrea Jimenez and Emily McIntosh received Tinker awards to do fieldwork this summer.

  • Emily Ellis won a FLAS Fellowship from Vanderbilt to study Mayan languages in Guatemala this summer.

  • Andrea Jimenez was awarded a P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Also Congratulations to all of our 2016 LAS Graduating Seniors and Award Winners!

SBS & LAS Outstanding Senior for Leadership & Engagement

  • Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Honor's College Pillars of Excellence Award

  • Mario Aubert-Vasquez

LAS Outstanding Seniors

  • Mario Aubert-Vasquez

  • Dominique Cruz

LAS Outstanding Senior for Success & Perseverance

  • Sofia Nuno

  • Xitlaly Reyes

  • Rebecca Garcia

  • LAS Exemplary Graduating Senior

  • Vanessa Acevedo

  • Patricia Ahumada

  • Clara Apodaca-Welch

  • Melissa Conrad

  • Morgan Elyse Cortez

  • Alejandro Enriquez

  • Jose Federico

  • Martin Forstrom

  • Aleene Hernandez

  • Ana Islas

  • Maria Kantor

  • Pola Laskus

  • Connie Lira-Saavedra

  • Marissa Moreno

  • Benjamin Remy

  • Lia Vazquez

  • Leo Roop Scholarship

  • Nic Molinary

  • Magellan Circle Award Winners

  • Mario Aubert-Vasquez

  • Julian Cardenas

  • Zazil-xa Davis-Vasquez

  • Guadalupe Gamez

  • Anahi Herrera

  • Robert Navarro

Congratulations to all our fantastic students! We wish you the best in your future endeavors!



The Department of Latin American Studies is very proud to announce that former LAS major, Zoraida Francis-Reyes, will be honored with the Consuelo Aguilar Esperanza Award at the 3nd Annual Dolores Huerta Luncheon on March 8th 3rd. The event is hosted by the Arizona César E. Chávez Holiday Coalition with honored guest Dolores Huerta, who is the co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union and one of the most prominent Latina leaders in recent history. Zoraida is one of three women who will be honored for their strong leadership and community engagement. Congratulations Zoraida!