Mexican Fashion

This resource gives a few examples of tradition fashion in Mexico and allows students to even sketch their own designs similar to that of the traditional styles of fashion.

Latin American Food Worksheet

A fun worksheet to teach about the importance of the food corn in the Latin American diet.

Image of Peruvian Patterns

An image to accompany a lesson teaching about Peruvian patterns and the country of Peru.

Guide to Murals in Tucson, Arizona

This resource provides background information on the mural movement in Tucson, Arizona and what inspired the artists who created these murals. Maps and lists of the murals are noted in the resource. A great way to learn about these murals would be to visit them physically. There are a variety of murals to visit and see!

Aztec Mosaics Coloring Book

This book contains 5 different pages that have Aztec Mosaics to color. This is a fun way to familiarize with the Aztec culture!

Artes Americas: Quesar Dance Company, Teachers Resource Guide

Although this guide was created for teachers and students to use before and after seeing the Quasar Dance Company, it still serves as a great guide to teach about Brazil in the classroom.Students will understand what quasar is and will tie the dance company to Brazilian culture and art. Plenty of activities are included to help teach students this unique topic.


One of the most important and oldest handicrafts of Mexico is weaving. In this activity, students can earn how to make a simple loom and immerse in Mexican culture.

Ancient Maya: Knowledge Through Art

In this lesson, the student will explore the Maya culture and our knowledge of it through art, architecture and heritage of modern Maya people. Analyzing glyphs from the Maya system of writing and reading about ancient Mayan culture will help students understand the Mayan people.

Modern Mexican Painting

The following lesson applies the key ideas approach to contemporary Mexican culture, in this case "Modern Mexican Painting". The lesson is designed to serve as a model for teachers to develop further lessons on Latin American culture in general and Mexico in particular. It emphasizes the use of multimedia methodology and has been tested by in-service and pre-service teachers in both monolingual and bilingual classroom settings in art, Spanish, ESL and social studies. Overall this lesson contributes to developing cultural awareness.

Globalization in Latin America: Migration and Trade Patterns

In this lesson, students will gain an understanding of migration patterns within, to and from Latin America and the Caribbean. This lesson is about the length of 3 1 hour class periods and all materials are included.
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